History & Purpose

The Listed Companies Association (LCA) is an independent, non-profit organisation established in 1981. Its members are NZSX, NZAX, NZDX listed companies. Since inception, LCA has provided a forum for discussion and exchange of views on issues of importance to companies listed on the New Zealand Exchange (NZX). With today’s sharp focus on corporate governance and the need for confidence and growth in our capital markets, LCA provides leadership for a collective voice for business.

The main purpose of LCA is to help listed companies by: furthering the long term interests of its shareholders by working for a fair, adequate and efficient regulatory system; maximising the benefits of listing and to make the requirements that come with that status appropriate and reasonable to comply with; promoting confidence in and growth of business and capital markets in New Zealand.

Our main objectives are to maximise the benefits of being a listed company and to make the requirements which come with that status appropriate and reasonable to comply with. Collective action and the exchange of ideas helps all those involved in running and administering listed companies to identify and understand issues which may otherwise escape attention, or be overtaken by pressures of daily business needs.

The Executive of LCA acts as an advocate for listed companies on a wide range of issues. The Executive regularly interact with Government officials, the NZ Shareholders Association, share registries and NZX on issues affecting listed companies. We all recognise that desired outcomes are more readily achieved through early and well constructed engagement.